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  My Dearest Sister had the advantageous opportunity to meet the ubiquitous Mr. Tim Dorsey while he was chained to a table in a Florida library, near Melbourn, forcibly stumping his latest book. I love Dorsey's work, so my sister had him autograph a copy for me.

She also asked him if he would be willing to look at some of my work and she got "the hand", or as as she said "a duhh moment". Poor guy, he must not need to self-promote anymore.  He was there to be there, agent jangling keys to his cuffs. My thoughts go out to him.

I was thinking that if I were producing excellent and insightful fiction, a book a year at least, I'd be out there hugging and shaking hands with everyone who was actually enjoying reading my stuff.  And I would be happy to read up-and-comers's stuff. After all, we must read to be writers, yes?

So, in effect, let us understand the principle behind our craft: we want to be read. Our work is important to us and no matter how much fame or fortune comes our way, the body of our work is what we do. The essence of writing is to write. Do it daily and you will not fall into obscurity.

If you are lucky, you won't get chained to a table in an obscure library somewhere.

My mission is simple. I would like to be read. The second book of my Free Clinic Trilogy is nearly complete, and I am learning from my mistakes. Flexible thinking and self editing are the keys to success when one is trying to world build in a fictional environment. Hey, friends, I've actually taught myself how to use the strange and crazy concept of "outline". Wow!

I highly suggest trying that out.

Now, with an agent in hand, I move along smartly toward fame and fortune. Not. It doesn't work that way. It is a slow process to become a part of mass publication and fame, etc.  Our work is slow. But just like the embers in your fireplace, if you blow on them gently, they fan to flame.

 Look to my website,, for some excellent teasers to Immunity Effect, and a few other fun things.

Write on!

My Best,


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