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Chapter 1

My life is not extraordinary. I live a normal dull life like most people; I live in an apartment in Cabot, Arkansas I work at the local movie theater. My name is Arrianna Williams, I am 25 yrs. old about 5'9,have black hair that goes to the middle of my neck, brown eyes, tanned skin and I'm about 103lbs nothing special.
On my off days I go to the book store and get some books to get me through my boring life. Mostly I read love stories and fantasy books; you know the ones that you can get lost in and wish your life could be just a quarter bit as interesting. I do this every week, nothing ever changes until one day I was having the worst day, so I went to the book store and started looking for something that would make my whole day just disappear.
I looked for hours and nothing. I couldn't find anything that would help until I came across this area in the book store that had a sheet covering it. I have been all over this store and didn't see it. Why haven’t I noticed it before?
I pulled back the sheet and behind it was only one book. It was an old book bound in leather with no title. I was very curious about this book with no title. I felt like I was drawn to it in some way. I knew I wasn't supposed to have it, not sure how I knew but I did. I had to have it so against my better judgment I took it and put it in my backpack, I quickly closed the sheet and turned around and grabbed the first book I saw and headed to the cashier.
I wasn't even paying attention to the book I grabbed until the clerk said "Trying something new?" with a big grin on his face. I looked down and realized the book I grabbed was about tantric sex. I turned bright red and said" If you must know yes I am."
I then left the book store mortified but didn't care I wanted to get home as fast as I could so I could read this mystery book I had taken. I got in my car a sliver Pontiac G6 and headed home.

Chapter 2

When I got home I hurried inside and locked the door; grabbed a glass of wine and lit my candles. I sat down on my big green comfy chair got out the book and opened it up. When I opened the book I saw this bright golden ray of light. I just thought it was my imagination running wild, it wasn't until I began to read the words out loud that I realized this book was very special; as I read the words they began to disappear.
I couldn't believe my eyes but couldn't tear them away either as I read this story it was as if it had become real. I felt as if I were there watching. It had to be back in the early 1900’s because there were people riding in those old carriages pulled by horses and there was this young girl that looked just like me except her hair was longer and she was a little darker than I was. She was getting out of one of those carriages wearing a dress that went from her chest down to the floor and was puffed out a little at the bottom, & from the waist up it was so tight that her breast nearly came out the top of it. It was a beautiful velvet red color with some black lace intertwined into it. Her hair up in a beautiful bun with curls hanging down and smaller curls hanging around her face. She was also wearing black gloves that went up to her elbows and she had on a diamond necklace and earrings. She was walking into what looked like a palace to me. I followed her. Inside was beautiful like nothing I had ever seen before, about a dozen chandeliers, amazing paintings on the walls, and the floor was black marble. You really had to see it to believe it and I did.
This girl was being greeted by lots of people; it was as if she was very important. She sat at a table close by but wasn't there long before this man came up to her, he was gorgeous with short, sandy blonde hair, his skin was ivory, he was really tall, and muscular. He was defiantly a fairytale. He asked her to dance and of course she said yes, I mean who wouldn't.
They were so different in size but it didn't seem to matter as they moved so gracefully on the dance floor and looked as if they were in love but this was their first meeting.
The song ended and he bowed to her and she walked away. I couldn't believe she could just walk away like that I know I couldn't have.
She went out the back way this time, so of course I followed her again. I came out the back, it was all lit up and there was a gazebo white with roses wrapped around it. At first I couldn't find the girl, she had disappeared, but then I walked past the gazebo and off in the corner there she was but not alone.
She was with a man, this one was shorter, he had light brown hair that hung to the middle of his neck, it was thick and wavy and he had an almond color to his skin, he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen and he had this glow about him that made it so hard for me to look away, he looked in my direction and all I could see was his eyes they were a sky blue so deep that I was lost in them. I could swear I had seen his soul, his lips were thin and smooth almost like glass.
He then turned back to her; he had her pinned up against a tree with his hard slim body so close that you could see the passion between them. She was smiling and a little out of breath I could hear her telling him “We cannot continue this here someone will see us.” The man agreed and said "Meet me tonight at the garden when the moon is full." She agreed and hurried away.
She went back into the palace and everyone was asking where she had disappeared to. She told them she just had to get some fresh air.

Chapter 3

My phone rang and pulled me out of this amazing story. I answered it and it was my best friend Sasha she was having a New Year’s Eve party at the Peabody Hotel and wanted me to be there. I agreed and hung up the phone, I wanted to go back to the story but realized that it was getting late and I had to work tomorrow.
I woke up out of breath, I had been dreaming about the story; I wanted so badly to go back in but was unable to. I was already late for work. I hurried to get myself ready and headed out. Work was slow today so all day the only thing I could do was daydream about that story. I wanted to read more of it because my life kind of sucked. I was stuck in this dead end job, no boyfriend, no love life, and no fun. The only thing I do is read books about other people’s exciting life. Oh I need to get a life and quick!
As I was daydreaming I looked up to see this man with those eyes I had seen before. I thought I was still dreaming until he approached me and began to speak. I realized I knew this man but not as a man but as a boy from my childhood. His name was Damion Harris. We lived across the street from each other and were best friends for years then one day his father got a job offer in another state so they moved away and I never saw him again till today. I knew it was him because of those eyes. They were a baby blue, the kind you could get lost in. I interrupted him by saying his name “Damion Harris” He replied “Arrianna Williams” I looked at him in surprise and said “You remember me?" "Of course I remember you I could never forget that beautiful face." I was blushing at this point no one had ever called me beautiful before. I then asked trying to change the subject "I haven’t seen you in years so how have you been?" "I know it’s been a long time and I have been good. How about you? How has life been treating you?" he asked.
"I’m doing great. So how long have you been back?" I did not want to tell him how boring my life really was. He was too gorgeous for me to tell him the truth. I bet his life was exciting.
"I've been back for me a while. Working allot finally I decided to take a day off and enjoy it, that's what brought me here." He said.
“Oh well I guess I better give you your ticket and let you enjoy the movie."
I gave him his ticket and he said "Thank you it was really nice to see you again maybe I'll see you again soon."
“Maybe; you know where I work now, come by anytime." I sounded like a desperate idiot. He wouldn’t be interested in me even if he did call me beautiful. He was just being nice.
"I just might do that.” Then he walked away.
It was just small talk that we had but it felt like so much more. I just wasn't sure if he felt the same way.
My shift was about over so I knew I wouldn't see him after the movie ended and I didn't want to stick around and look any more desperate than I already did so I went home.

Chapter 4

I was thinking about Damion the whole way home wishing I had the courage to ask for his number or wished he would have asked for mine.
I walked in my door and saw my mystery book sitting on my chair and decided to start reading it again, maybe it would take my mind off of Damion. I opened the book and I was right back to where I had left off.
The girl was saying her goodbyes to the people all around her. And they were begging her to stay but she told them she was tired and wanted to lie down. Only I knew she was lying and that she had a meeting with her mystery man.
She was walking out the front door when she saw this man walking in her direction he had this glow about him only it was dark not like the other man.
He was really tall had to be about 6'2 or so had jet black hair very short and was very dark complicated almost like an Indian but he was not Indian. He was wearing a black suit and his eyes were like an emerald green so dark yet so beautiful. His lips were full and smooth.
She was drawn to him and she just stood there staring at this man as he approached her, he was staring right into her eyes and as he got closer to her she could feel such intensity.
He kept getting closer and closer until he was right beside her and he kept walking right past her, as he did she turned and watched him walk away wondering who is this man and why didn't he stop.
He turned around and smiled at her with this evil but sexy grin. She couldn't look away and then he was gone. It's as if she was in a trance and when she came back she realized she was standing there staring at nothing.
She hurried away she had to get to the garden, the moon was almost full.

Chapter 5

When she got to the garden she was alone. The moon was full and yet the man she was supposed to meet was not there.
She sat on a bench waiting for him and then from the corner of her eye she saw something move she stood turned to look but there was nothing there. She turned back around and there he was right beside her, he startled her and she jumped.
She told him she thought she saw something and didn't hear him come up behind her. He told her he called her name and then she turned around so he thought she had heard him.
He ran his hand down her cheek and then leaned in to kiss her lips. He said to her “It’s just you and me here.” She smiled and kissed him back, he then began to kiss her neck and run his hands down her shoulders and around her waist pulling her closer to him.
He slowly began to unbutton her dress kissing her soft sweet skin along the way. He started at her neck down to her shoulders. He opened the top of her dress to expose her bare breast. He kissed the tops of her breast and made his way to her nipples with his tongue he licked them and sucked on them until they hardened. She shivered and moaned with pure pleasure as he suckled and kissed her sensitive skin. He recaptured her lips and pulled her against his chest allowing her dress to fall to the ground.
She began to unbutton his shirt, running her small soft fingers down his muscular chest and stomach as she opened it up. She reached his pants and could feel his hard erection through them she unbuttoned them and let them fall to the ground. He pulled her close to him lifting her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist.
He then gently laid her on the ground kissing her sweet skin savoring every inch of her. He gently pulled her legs apart burying his face between her thighs. He licked slow and hard on her nether lips and made his way inside her. She could hardly contain herself in that moment she spasmed as she came.
Enjoying her pleasure he positioned himself between her legs he grabbed her waist and thrust himself inside her moving slow at first then faster harder and deeper. She moaned and screamed out with pleaser digging her fingers into his back.
She begged him not to stop and he made good on that both of them now moaning they exploded into pure ecstasy. He pulled himself closer to her and with the sweat glistening off of their bodies and the short breaths they were able to catch they made passionate love.
It was the most intense thing I had ever seen. I couldn't believe I had just watched this and it seemed like they didn't even see me, now that I think about it no one had even looked at me, except him by the tree but was he looking at me or past me.
They had gotten up and dressed now and he kissed her one last time before telling her goodnight. He walked towards me and he looked straight at me and once again I got lost in his eyes then he past me with a smile on his face. Did he see me? Or was I just imagining it, wanting him to see me. Then he turned around and said "I will see you again my dear sweet Arrianna." Did I hear him right he said my name? But she responded "Yes you will my dearest Damion." What was going on here? Was she me? Was he my childhood friend?
I woke up the next morning wondering had I fallen asleep reading and dreamt the last part of the book. Was it about me and Damion? It had to be a dream.
I looked at my clock great I'm late again. I rushed to get ready for work and then left. I was so busy at work today I barely had time to take a break. The next couple of days were a blur work was so busy with all the new movies out like Twilight’s Breaking Dawn, Friends with Benefit’s, and my favorite Footloose, by the time I got home every night I crashed. I didn’t even feel like reading. It was my last night of work and it was a little slower than the rest thank goodness. We only had one more showing for the night and I was cleaning up when I heard a familiar voice say. “Can I get a buttered popcorn and a large drink?” I turned around to see Damion. I think my heart dropped to my stomach. “Hi, what are you doing here?” I asked. “Well I thought I’d see a movie.” He replied. I felt so stupid of course he was here to see a movie. “Right, which one do you want to see?” I asked feeling mortified. “How about something with allot of action.” He replied. “I’ve got just the one.” I said. I got him a ticket, his popcorn and drink and asked “Will there be anything else?” He smiled and said “Well just one more thing. Can I have your number?” I was in shock when he said “I take that as a no.” I snapped out of it real quick and said “Yes of course you can.” I wrote down my number and handed it to him. I couldn’t believe this was happening. He was smiling real big and asked “So when can I call you?” “Anytime!” I almost shouted. “I get off work in a couple of hours and I’m off for the next two days.” I explained. “Ok then I will call you tomorrow.” He said and then went to his movie.
This was the best day of my life and that’s saying a lot about my life and on top of that I get to see him again after the movie! This day just keeps getting better!
I think I was getting a little too excited waiting for him to come back out but this was something to be excited about! He walked out and I was grinning like a fool. He walked up and was also smiling. “So tomorrow then?” he asked. “Yes I’ll be waiting.” I said. He didn’t even stop smiling when he left. Oh great now he’s going to know that I’m desperate. Let’s hope he still calls.
I finished with work got my stuff and headed out. I got to my car and had this feeling like someone was watching me. I turned around but no one was there. I have to lay off the scary movies they were making me paranoid.
I woke up to my phone ringing. I jumped out of bed and ran to answer it. I picked up and it was Damion. I was so happy he actually called me! We talked on the phone for hours about everything. Before we got off the phone he asked me out. Of course I said yes. Then I hung up the phone and did my dorky happy dance. It consisted of shaking my butt, stomping my feet and spinning around in a circle while my hands where taking turns in the air, told ya dorky.
We started dating after that but it only lasted a couple of weeks. I don’t know what happened everything was going great I thought. He had taken me on a picnic and was showering me with gifts. Then he just stopped calling me and didn’t answer any of my calls. Christmas was coming up and maybe he just didn’t want to spend it with me so I spent Christmas with my parents and before I knew it New Year’s Eve was in couple of days and I had Sasha’s party to go to. I thought about canceling but realized I already paid for my room and I gave her my word. Ok there are worse things than going to a party alone so I’ll go and try to have a good time.

Chapter 6

I arrived at the Peabody Hotel; got out of my car wearing a long fitted red spaghetti strap dress that had a little bit of black lace around the top of it. My hair was in an up do with some curls hanging down around my face. I was also wearing a diamond pendant necklace and earrings.
I handed my keys to the valet and walked inside. As I walked in I looked around, it was a beautiful hotel. I had never been in here before and it was amazing.
I followed some other people into this big room, the music so loud I knew this was the party.
As soon as I walked in Sasha came running up to me along with all of our old high school girlfriends. After we were done catching up, I went to a nearby table and sat down.
I was not there long when this man walked up to me and asked me to dance. He was tall, sandy blonde hair, and muscular. I thought I was day dreaming again but I wasn't and he was really there asking me to dance.
I snapped out of it again and said yes, I mean why not? It’s not like I had a date or a boyfriend for that matter and he was gorgeous, we begun to dance and it was like we were meant for each other.
We were so different in size yet we moved together so well. I was looking into his hazel eyes lost in the moment. Everything was perfect.
Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Damion, he was looking right at me, he motioned me to follow him. What the hell was he doing here? He couldn’t call me for over a week but I’m supposed to just run to him like a puppy. I don‘t think so. On the other hand I wanted him to know how pissed I was! So after the song was over the man I had been dancing with kissed my hand and said 'Thank you for the dance."
'You’re very welcome and it was my pleasure."

Chapter 7

I walked away from him and towards the door where Damion had been, wondering how could I just walk away from this very handsome man and why was I in such a hurry to go after Damion?
I came out of the room and saw him walking towards the back door so I followed him.
When I got out there he was off to the side hiding in the dark. I went up to him and almost instantly he leaned in and kissed me so deeply it took my breath away. I couldn't believe it, how could he just kiss me after not calling me and think that’s going to fix everything.
I backed away from him and slapped him. He looked confused so I asked him “Why haven’t you called me back?” He was rubbing his face and said “I’m sorry I lost my phone and I knew you would be here tonight so I came to beg for your forgiveness.” I wanted to be mad at him but I couldn’t his eyes wouldn’t let me. So I said ok like an idiot. There was something about him that I couldn’t stay mad.
He started to run his hands all over my body and I didn't want him to stop but there were people coming in and out of the back door. "We can't do this here someone will see us." I said.
I didn't want him to stop but I didn't want to go to jail for indecent exposer either. He then said to me in a low sexy voice “Then meet me on the roof top at midnight." I was star struck so I agreed then went back inside thinking to myself why were we meeting on the roof instead of a room. Maybe he wanted it to be romantic under the stars.
I went back to the party and it was still going strong. As soon as I walked in my friends were asking where I had been. I told them I had to get some fresh air and I couldn't believe these words were coming out of my mouth but I told them that I was tired and wanted to go lie down in my room.
Of course I was lying but didn't want to tell anyone the truth and I didn’t even know why. I got my things and headed out the door to the main entrance to get the key to my room.
As soon as I walked out I saw this man. He was getting off his motorcycle dressed in all black, with black hair, emerald green eyes, and dark tanned skin. He was gorgeous and had that whole bad boy look to him. He was staring right at me and I just stood there staring back at him.
He walked toward me and I started to feel this intense feeling like he was pulling me in with those eyes and I couldn't look away.
He walked right past me and I turned around looking after him wondering why he didn't stop, he was looking at me wasn't he?
He turned around and smiled at me with an evil yet sexy grin he winked at me and then he was gone.
I came back to reality and thought maybe I should go lie down after all. I think all this wine I had been drinking was making my imagination run wild.
I went to my room for a little while pondering if I should go to the roof top or not. I finally decided to go, it was almost midnight and I didn't want to be alone.

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