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               This new world is electronic books, and right now the paper book publishers are biting their fingernails and pulling their hair out by the roots. They're simply not going to publish a new author's book without it being a sure fire bestseller, which only leaves you with all those many rip-off publishers, and the worse one of all is Publish America! They will steal your dreams, your novel, and they may never pay you any royalties. I welcome Publish America to come to Texas and try to sue me. They have so many complaints against them; they'd get laughed out of Texas.

               Yes, I know your dream is too hold your published paper novel in your hands, but the chance of this happening is like winning a ten million dollar lottery ticket. Of course, you can hire a printing house to print your novel, but there's no royalties in it for you.  

               Today, e-books are rapidly taking over the world like a colossal flash fire from our sun going nova. Paper books are rapidly dyeing off. They kill our trees, they're too costly, and most of the publishing houses are too greedy and too damn selective. You may not like what I'm saying, but it's true, and you can investigate it for yourself. E-books are already surpassing the sales of paper books within many book stores. The sales of electronic readers are rapidly increasing every day. Compared to a paper book, they're a jumbo banana split compared to an empty ice-cream cone.

               Please don't give up on your dream, because you can publish your novel worldwide. Although it does take a great deal of computer work and a lot of time to publish your novels worldwide within many e-book stores, such as Diesel, Google, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, Sony, and many more. The problem is, almost each one of these electronic bookstores require a different format of your novel. But don't worry; there are trustful people out there who will do the work for you, such as Larry Larson: (Tel: 903-603-1116) …Thus giving you time to start your next bestselling novel. I trust Larry Larson because he's the agent who placed my e-novels worldwide.

               No, I'm sorry to say you can't hold your e-book in your hands like a paper book, and it'll probably make you feel like you're settling for phone sex, but if you price your e-novel low, and it becomes popular, you'll receive the royalties you deserve form your hard work. Plus…the most important fact, and that is: People are reading your novel!


Article by Chuck Keyes


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