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A Love in A Time of War

by BorislavaBorissova

Reviewed by Silver Tongue LiteraryReviews

4 Stars ****

This book will be worth every penny!

I could not stop reading this book once I opened itup. I can't stop talking about it to my friends and peers alike. “ALove in A Time Of War”, is a impressive book. I am sure noteveryone will agree with the content, but efforts at finding waysto discuss deep experiences of the heart and other emotions of lifeis very commendable. I felt like part of the story as I read, Ibecame as one of the characters within the pages. This novel isfilled with heartfelt harmony. My favorite line in the book was “AndI had a sense of you by intuition.” Now that is depth at itsgreatest. This amazing story takes place in Late1930’s in Istanbul, Turkey. A young Bulgarian girl named Maria andA Turkish Officer named Mustafa fall in love. Despite the differencesin their cultures, in their religions, and even their languages theirlove is tested. This passionate love story will lit a fire in yourheart. It is truly a breathtaking story. Kudos to Borislava Borissovafor this fabulous write.


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