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My latest release is my first historical fiction A Handful of Blossoms (ISBN 9781471727962), 96 000 words, self-published on Smashwords and Lulu. Paranormal romance. Written in form of a diary, which genre (epistolary, confessional) was so popular in the 18th century and which sounds so comprehensible in our time of blogging, web-diaries and web-journals, the novella may be called a love story. A story of a sixteen-year-old damsel and her weird marriage. Time: 1764, a year after the Seven Years War (this first global military conflict took place much earlier than WWI, and it may be called the First World War, in fact.) Set in Europe, like each of my novels, the story is my fist historical fiction, in which I study the interesting case when a gay man is enforced to get married to a female (dynastic marriage) and what comes of the unnatural act. (Warning: no consensual sex, no sex relationship at all between the spouses.) Nothing playful, but the book is a story of a young thing, who learns the world. Nothing unworldly, but the mysterious undead, who appears in the winter tale written by my main character in my latest novel Silver Thread Spinner (ISBN 9781470988357), appears in my new story as well, and he will appear again, in the future, maybe more than once, in Volume Five, a sequel of my novels, the series dedicated to the boy of the name of Jocelyn. The image of the undead is neither my attempt to follow the fashion nor my contribution to the modern day literary taste, not at all; I merely love writing and speculating on the subject.

May the summer’s honey breath bring you A Handful of Blossoms!


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