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Prompt: A dead body. Using the prompt, write two short stories (500 words). One in the horror genre, another in the romance genre.

A Dead Body: Romance

It was summer, the days were long and the nights were not, she went with some friends to go out to eat and for the first time she meet this guy who was so easy to look upon friendly charming smart the biggest brownest eyes she had ever saw come to find out he was the owner of this fine place and had took the ladies to there table, it was very sweet and they could all see the attraction between them. As they looked into each other eyes just looking at each other and neither of them said anything till one of her friends cleared her throat and said this is a great table, thank you! They both looked at her friend and he said I am glad you like it and then he pulled out April's chair and they grin as she sat down blushing just slightly.

He then said your waiter will be right with you and if there is anything you need please don't hesitate to let me know my name Jason. With in moments of him walking away there waiter came to the table Hello may I get something for you to drink before you order? Sure said Constance we all would love some water with lemon please. Great, I'll be right back. It was all April could do to not look at Jason but Jason could not take his eyes off April.

By the time that ordered and ate and had there weekly visit it was time to go. And as they went to each others cars April was surprised by how fast Jason had came up behind her and with out a word he pulled her close giving her a heart warming kiss and then he slowly moved down to her neck and as the moonlight shined he turned into something worse and as he opened his mouth to go for her neck his teeth began to changed and he sunk his vampire teeth into her neck sucking her blood complete, and leaving her dead body on the ground.

Later about 1am she got up as if she had been sleeping wondering what had happened to got into her car and drove home. The next day she went back to that place and found Jason there who smiled at her as she approached him. She was puzzled but he gave no answer just a smile and then he took her to a backroom and began to kiss her and she kissed him back but then pulled away listen I need to know what and he kissed her again the room began to spin her head became light and then it happened the two became one.

And as he began to change right in front of April they were happy and content because she was just like him. He had also given her away to never grow old and she welcomed her new vampire life with Jason and they were complete.

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