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 I want to have a event for Survivors of abuse. As I was abused,I know how hard it is to live with Demons that like tormenting . I have been a survivor of abuse for 20yrs now. and not a easy way to  live. I work as a child advocate and have a foundation Gods Rehab for Survivors. But as I went into a school to tell i'm here to help and they said no. That the kids would be bullied ect. but if I was talking about Cancer that would be okay. I recently had a battle with cancer and I do not want to be misunderstood..Cancer survivors are awesome. but I know you know more abuse survivors than cancer survivors  but we have to hide it under the rug. This is just insane. So i'm asking for help. with this event. Not just for adult survivors but to be role models for the child who just got her life sentence. We didn't do the crime but we are paying for it with our souls. I will stand alone if i have to but  if people can spend the night on the sidewalk for a T.V. Why is 10.00 dollars hard to give...check my sites.

GODS REHAB ON FACE BOOK ~~or email me at

thank you ,

shannon Harrison

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