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My first novel

several months ago I had an idea like many others for a novel.  I decided it would be best to use a ghost writer for this project as I really didn't think I could produce something worth reading.

After trying out a few different ghost writers from Fiverr I found its like walking through a mine field.  From the UK I wanted someone to write for me in British English.  Well just finding someone that could in fact do that was an up hill struggle.  

Don't get me wrong, Fiverr is great for many things, but in my opinion no good for this kind of project.

This week I have taken the plunge!! started writing it myself, still not 100% sure if its any good, I guess that's another bridge to cross later on.  it's certainly a major learning curve, with so many other issues to deal with, not just the writing, Synopsis, Book Title, Cover, Writing, Editing, ISBN's, Barcodes, it all seems never ending and in what order are all these things actually done?  I mean, it there actually any order/structure from beginning the publishing, is self publishing the way to go?

So I thought I would join this site and see who is about..  

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