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I have seen more and more self-publishing authors promoting the works of others on their websites and even trailers or a "snag-chapter" at the close of their ebook.

As a reader, I hate getting to the end of a good book and finding that part of the space at the end was made available to promote a chapter from somebody else's book. When I get to 96%... I expect that I have another 4% of the same book to read still and get frustrated when I find that is not the case. However, I love it when authors (particularly when it is a series) reserve the last page for links to their own blogspot/site and Facebook page so I can get my hands on updates and info about the next release.

As an author, promoting each other makes good sense. Especially when you consider that the more hits you get and statistics are available on your website - the easier it becomes for people/buyers to find you. If a well-written same genre author presented themselves I wouldn't have a problem "liking" them on their facebook page and posting on their site to help boost their own audience. If I personally fell in love with their book/series I would also have no problem posting a trailer or a link to their own site from mine.

The typical marketing strategy for self-publishing authors seems to be - buy it. I refuse. These vanity pubishers will generally charge between a couple hundred and a couple thousand for their "marketing package"... and what do you get? Burned. They list your book with Ingram and that's about it besides many broken promises. The thing is... if you have an ISBN set up - you can list your own book with Ingram wihout having to get charged $2400 by a third party to do it!

We are creative minds here and most of us can handle or learn to do the same leg work (even better) on our own...


What do YOU think of Author/Author Marketing?

What other ideas have you had and/or tried successfully?

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My mother is self-published and while she was visiting, she told me what she pays for marketing help from her publisher. I could not believe it. As a book publisher and publicist, I gave her a number of suggestions that she could do on her own but then she told me that she really doesn't have the time to do those things between writing and teaching. She also told me that she couldn't afford the "help" from her publisher and I thought that was really unfair for self-published or even first-time authors at small, independent publishers. So I made the decision to assist those authors that don't have a lot of money. Well, my mom just finished writing a new book and I'm happy to say that not only is she my first client, I may have found a standard publisher for her!

So, to all you self-published authors, I'm more than happy to answer any marketing questions that you may have. Feel free to add me as a friend and then get out there and get your book known! :)


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