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In my most recent title: Self-Publish Without Spending Money, I focus on the path from finished first draft to cover creation, edits, and marketing/selling your work without spending a dime. In the end, if you're willing to do the work (which you probably are if you've made it this far), you will have a professional looking product.

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Agreed. This book was born out of my constantly being asked the same questions: Do I need to purchase ISBN's? Do I have to pay for professional quality edits? Why is cover design so expensive? and so on. Along with the how-to's within the book, there are also different resources listed to help you find your best path for getting the professional level product you want. And while most of us have concluded that it's up to us to do the work, I've noticed that a lot of us seem to think our work ends once the book is printed. Self-Publish Without Spending Money shows you how to market and sell your book as well, without spending a dime.


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