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Glad to know you, loving your style,

My regret:needing more of your smile,

Yet time plays out a dangerous game,

It has me needing more of the same.

You take love, how much can I bear?

When your love only makes me stare,

Time wipes out the lame words I've said.

I'm still: time ticks on to when I'm dead.

Can you now grasp my hand and feel?

Both our love, becomes so surreal,

Life finds love in an endless song,

How good we all can walk, be strong.

Nobody lives without regret,

Things happen that often upset,

Until we pause to show Love's care,

Lost love will aim at deep despair.

Full Circle you sit in my mind's eye,

Beautiful girl, loves me, oh my,

Life keeps on to drive me wild,

Then you smile to heart- break this child.

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Enjoyed reading the poem "Your Smile."  Loved the rhythm and flow.  The words are beautiful.  Loved the first two lines of the poem: "Glad to know you, loving your style, My regret ..."  I loved the way you ended the poem. "Full Circle you sit in my mind's eye ... Then you smile to heart-break this child."  Its really beautiful, Cleveland.

I'm glad the poem pleased you. made you smile too.

Sometimes poems turn out well; other times they are too difficult to talk about.

Some poems have to be written and put away , until something that's missing

enters my mind. One of the best poetry writer I came across was a soldier.

Now somebody like that always has a tale to tell.


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