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'Wrongful Feelings'

By Fel



looking at you does not 

mean i want you.

It simple mean that there

is something about you i admire.

Or maybe,

you bloody disgust me

and which for you to disappear.


I said no-

telling you good morning

does not mean i'm stalking you.

It simply mean i have manners  

and i think you must try it too.

Or maybe,

i wish for you to say something stupid

while you pointing fingers. 


Damn no-

being at the back of the class

does not mean i'm wishing

to get you.

it simple mean i'm trying to get 

away from people like you.

Or maybe,

trying to to give you the flue.


Again no-

writing in my book

does not mean i'm writing love

letters about you.

It simple mean that i'm bored

and trying to find something 

constructive to do.

Or maybe,

drawing 'godly' things

for you to go in a coffin.


N- NO,

i never judge you 

and i try respecting your feelings.

But those lovely days are done,

you ruthless bi-bimbo.

Please do me a favour and 

go 6 feet under.


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Nice!! Def like this and can relate, I think my favorite is the last couple of lines..."do me a favor and go 6 feet under". Lol got a few u could dedicate this to. But yeah very good, look forward to reading more

thank you Jonathon


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