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It's the first vision i saw,

To teach kids and teens,

How to paint and draw,

Before 'they' tore down my dreams.

But, it doesn't matter anymore.


It's the first best friendship,

To feel at ease with everything,

To tell every little bit,

But, 'they' aren't caring.

So, it doesn't matter.


It's the first moment i felt,

To finally feel 100% success,

No regrets or guilt,

Though i will never rest.

Cuz, it doesn't matter.


It's the first time that mattered,

To do what i want with life,

Right before i felt shattered,

And stabbed with a knife.

Though, it'll never matter.


It's the very first love,

To be so unbelievably happy,

My heart flying like a dove,

Even though my lifes crappy.

That mattered but,

Apparently not anymore.

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