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Sunshine calling me out of my bed

Shadows of dreams running through my head

Got people telling me everyday

They think I'm throwing my life away

Getting shot down everywhere I turn

And told there's some kinda lesson to learn

Going through the motions a day at a time

Got to somehow make this crazy life feel like it's mine

Got to find my own way

Don't care what they say

Starting today

Working real hard on learning the rules

Worlds already got plenty of fools

Got no time for worry or dread

Just do what you can and try to keep your head

Some people think life's all about the money

Stress is killing 'em and that ain't funny

Me, I just keep rolling along

Looking for a place to sing my song

Doing my best to give the world a hand 

And maybe pull a few more heads up out of the sand

Got to find my own way

Don't care what they say

Starting today

Sometimes it's hard but you can't turn away

When you take a look around

And you don't like today

Time will come when you've got to take a stand

And find yourself behind a line in the sand

Long as you know you gave it your all

You wont feel to bad when you take a fall

You know in your head you can't always win

But it's what's in your heart that gets you up trying again

Got to find your own way

And not care what they say

Starting today

It's tiume to play

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It's a cool poem, a sense of awareness in the subjective way and not at all afraid of change.


I like the poem but it seems to me to be too easy. Go back and read the first two lines.  It is the tip of the iceberg but by editing those two important lines you'll become aware of how the balance of the poem can be enhanced.

Keep writing




Regis, that's the nicest thing anyone has said about my work.I'm so glad you liked it and took the time to let me know. That you can relate, means the world to me. It's a great feeling when someone gets the point. Thank you for your kind words, Keith

Rege Schilken said:

Great lines. I've read them several times to help me reduce the stress in my life. You a a knack for explaining the human dilemma. Keep it up,

Regis Schilken


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