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By:  R.F. Husnik




Some, if not most,

will argue against

its being slow and silent


But all will admit

its steadfastness


And most don’t know

of its silence and sadness

because they view its passage

from their own perspectives

rather than from time’s inevitable

tendency to keep on – to

move forever forward – unless

the Universal Masters

decree it’s time for time to cease


And the granted “orders” of time

show free will as

mandatory choices - and

all mortals must make

those choices - all must

attempt to do what’s right

and shun what’s wrong


But time won’t stop,

and its hands on the clock

won’t shake those of humans

in friendly introduction


No, and they also won’t

embrace mortals

or congratulate or console them


Rather, they’ll simply

transport them to whichever

door of eternity is

appropriate for their entrance

into – depending of course

upon how each of those

individual mortals

lived their lives

in earthly time

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Replies to This Discussion

I like this poem like the other you wrote.  I like your style of writing.  My favorite lines begin with "But time won't stop ...."  However, I was wondering if you needed the "them" at the end of console or the "into" beginning the line "into - depending of course."  Very nice poem.

Thanks for your input Birgitta. Sorry I didn't respond sooner.  I agree "them" is unnecessary. "Into" I think probably does belong however. Thanks again, RFH


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