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My poem about a rainy ten minutes in New York City is published on Literary Manhattan's website!  Read it here:

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Hi Kylie!

    I read your piece.  It has quite a nice stream-of-consciousness feel that definitely evokes both a clear image as well as a fun array of emotions.  

    Since you took the trouble to post it here, I was was wondering if you were only interested in general feedback, which I've already provided, or something more focused?  

    I've edited several collections of poetry and it can be a very delicate dance in giving editing advice/feedback, especially with poetry.   I think that's because for many of us, poetry can have a much deeper connection with who we are as a person, compared to fiction writing where it's a much more outward projection.  Anyway, I would be happy to be more specific, however only if you were open to that.

Have a great evening,


Hi Cym,

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to respond!  I am open to and appreciate more focused feedback, as well.  I'm always striving to be a better writer/poet, so please share your thoughts.

I also have more poetry posted on my blog, if you're interested.  =)


  Hi Kylie!  I am definitely interested in reading more of your poetry.  I will check it out.  In fact, I'll do that before I give you more specific feedback on this other, so I can get a better sense of the rhythm and stylistic themes of your work, rather than jumping in and suggesting something you may have a perfect grasp of already.  - Hope that makes sense.  ;)

~ Cym

Hi Kylie,

quite lovely, if rather Taxi Driver lonely, coupled with an original, sombre-reflective mood.

You've nailed pretty much what it feels like to be marooned in a city of eight million souls; seemingly doomed to be always waiting, waiting, waiting...

You've reminded me of how much Manhattan had gotten into my soul ... I lurve New York...

Kind regards ... and keep writing!


Hi Jack,

Thank you so much for your comment.  It makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only one who's fallen in love with a city that's both beautiful and brutal.

Since you enjoyed this poem, I encourage you to sign up to follow my poetry blog.  I cherish the feedback given by fellow writers!



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