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I want to hear the blue jays sing,

While i sit outside on the swing,

Sipping nice and fresh hot coffee,

waking up with just the world and me.


I want to watch the hummingbirds,

With their humming sound and no words,

Drinking the sweet red nectar,

As the morning gets brighter.


I want to feel that cool breeze,

Rustling leaves flowing around like a sea,

Brushing through my hair and on my skin,

Doing it over and over again.


I want to smell the moisture,

The fresh bloomings in the air,

Those pretty little buds opening,

For the first time with their colors showing.


I want to taste those sweet lips,

As i lean in with my toes on their tips,

I kiss him on such a sweet summer morning,

The sight, smell, sound, and warmth around us glowing.

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Nice poem--"My Perfect Summer Morning Dream."  I love the first two lines of the 2nd stanza: "I want to watch the hummingbirds ... humming sound and no words."  Very good.  I would, however, change the last line (it's up to you though).  It is rather long and to maintain the flow of the poem, it might need to be a little shorter.


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