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I made this poem because of all the internet bullying I've seen and expereanced. Also, all of us say hurtful words that we don't mean sometimes, or we mean them as a joke. I try my best never to say them, but even I slip up sometimes I think. But I know how horribly devistating these words can be, especially to a teen-ager. (especially one that can't help dwelling on things! XD lol) So, this is my way of trying to get people to be a little nicer to the strangers they meet; who knows, they could be your future best friend! :D

My Head Is Full of Dread

My head is full of dread

From something someone said

I hear a cry

I wonder why

I’m the only one to check on them

For no one else cares

I’m the only one who shares

My head is full of dread

Because an idea is dead

No one knows how hard I’ve tried

Or how much I’ve cried

Over those lost morals

“Do on to others as you’d have on to you”

Where has that gone?

I always hear the same song

But I know those morals are near lost

I wish I knew what to do

But all I can ask is who

Could be so cruel

To someone they never even met

They don’t know they set

An awful trend

Every time they send

A hate filled message

Or say a hateful word

Like nerd

Or “failure”

My head is full of pain

For someone I know this day

Said something in this way

To an innocent girl

And our friendship was gone in a whirl

Spread no more pain

Let no more bullying stain

This lovely life we lead every day

Let’s all say

No more to cruel ways


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That is really good!
Thank you :3
I think that's a great closing sentiment you have there, Pink. "Let’s all say/ No more to cruel ways". Nice thought and the sooner that day comes the better.


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