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Do you write or read about werewolves, vampires, angels or demons?  Tell us what you write - what you read and what you like!

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I do both! My obsession was always vampires, I just love their dark, brooding sexuality and the troubled soul in need of rescue. But for some strange reason, and since I wrote my novel Love Hurts, werewolves are starting to grab my attention even more. I'm being tempted to the dark side you might say...!
I love vamps too - but I am a true wolf lover... so I love the werewolves too. Maybe some day I will write about them.

I have several short stories published with a vampire, werewolf, zombie or ghostly apparition as their main themes. Of these, I only consider ghosts as being paranormal. The others and including angels and demons I personally classify as super-natural.

The paranormal has hugely influenced my life through the years -- topics such as extra sensory perception, life after death, (I was married to a psychic medium, to whom, speaking with the deceased was as normal as talking to the living) reincarnation and past life regression. Most of it seems nowhere near as spectacular as people want to believe. Perhaps this is why so many people can't believe in the paranormal.

I also have current work in progress including a novella based on demons, humans and other mythical beings trying to co-exist in a post apocalyptic world, a vampire novel, and a biography of a ghost. I do like to explore how vampires, werewolves and demons may link with mythological creatures from the distant past.

Sounds interesting Robert. I am a developing medium myself, and an avid ghost hunter. I have seen and experienced amazing things over the last six years, so now I'm using that experience in my novels. People seem happier to accept the paranormal as fiction because if they saw the truth I don't think they could handle it really.


    My book: African-American Guide to Prosperity ( A Metaphysical Approach to Empowerment) is considered by some readers to deal with the paranormal as it relates to ancient African ideas of creation and others think it is just for Scripture based readers. It is the reader's call. Right now, I am just too busy to read anything other than materials/resources,etc. for my next book therefore, I only read myths related to creation.

   Fiction is nothing compared to a real paranormal experience!! I too know that if most people dealt with the paranormal as reality it would be unbearable as well as unbelievable. In a lot of culturals it is ok if your 'angels' are deceased family members but, a rank stranger - that's a no no. Tell me what you think on this matter. Read my blog(s):

I wish you every success with your development as a medium.  Although I've never made any claim to being a medium, being married to one, I was frequently asked if I ever get anything. Several times, I was pushed into doing psychometry on different objects with quite amazing results.  It would make me wonder, was it just coincidence?

Coincidence, (or maybe, synchronicity) seems to play a big part in the paranormal, for me at least.  My first novel, although I wrote it as fiction, was an account of events that did happen to me. (A lot of it was based on past life regression and reincarnation) There are so many coincidences in the story, it becomes totally unbelievable. As Mark Twain said, "The difference between fiction and nonfiction is that fiction must be absolutely believable."

Catherine Green said:

Sounds interesting Robert. I am a developing medium myself, and an avid ghost hunter. I have seen and experienced amazing things over the last six years, so now I'm using that experience in my novels. People seem happier to accept the paranormal as fiction because if they saw the truth I don't think they could handle it really.

Interracial - That's great!!!  You walked a fine line with that one.  I know some people have serious problems with interracial couples - I'm glad you wrote that - Shows you are a strong writer!!!  And not closed minded like to many other people in the world.  Love doesn't care what color your skin is.

I admire all you authors who can write a good vampire/werewolf story. Last week, I did a round trip of some used book stores and bought an old copy of Cycle of the Werewolf, by Stephen King. I haven't read it since my teens. It was filmed in 1985 as Silver Bullet.

Angels have featured in some my fiction. I like the concept of them being among us, appearing as human, and an unseen war between good and bad angels being fought on a separate plain of existence.

Thanks John, I must check out your work. I was never really interested in angel stories until a couple of years ago, but now I am fascinated! I agree that their position between good/evil is an interesting concept, and leaves plenty of room for creative expression.

I love reading, writing, and watching programs on the Paranormal. I love writing werewolf fiction, and mystery's dealing with the Paranormal as well. I guess my Father Patrick series could be classified Paranormal as well as mystery/suspense. Hi Stacy, Catherine, Robert, Y. Correa. Sorry I've kind of been out of touch for awhile, just laid my mother to rest on November 19th. She had suffered with Alzheimer's for over three years. Finally got to where she would no longer eat, or take her meds, didn't take long after that. I no sooner signed papers for Hospice and she passed shortly after. Became none responsive, passed at 12am November 19th. Peacefully in her sleep thank goodness for that. 

My condolences Garry.

Do you write from personal experience with regards to paranormal? And does anyone for that matter? I will include more personal experience when it becomes relevant to my stories.

I love vampires, werewolves, werecats, and all types of shapeshifters. I write about them almost exclusively. It's one of my guilty pleasures. :-)

I'm not so keen on ghosts and zombies, considering I can't get over the fact that ghosts are ethereal (hard to touch ) and I know the history of zombies and they're nothing like the latest ones popping up in those gory movies!

I've written a rather dark paranormal romance story for adults about a hybrid. She's a product of a particularly evil vampire who'd been experimenting to create the special womb that can take a vampire's, well, you know, and bring forth a baby; a vampire who isn't limited to night and who can procreate with human women in order to inherit his "father's" vast wealth and legacy.

The thing is, the lady, being a hybrid and hybrids are rarely stable, is a true hellcat. She's mean as can be, but she also has a heart.

So...what do you think?


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