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Hey everybody. I'm Jeremy and I do website design for writers. I can also spruce up an existing site. For marketing purposes, it's always best to have a decent website as it's usually the first source of contact for most marketing materials. I'm a author myself so I know what it's like out there. If anyone is interested or has any questions, let me know, otherwise, I look forward to getting to know everyone on here.

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Hello Jeremy,

Do you think one who is currently writing a book should start a website now or when their book is published? Also as an author did you self publish?

Hi Kristin:

You ask a very good question.

I did not create my author website until AFTER my manuscript was written and edited for grammar and typo's.

EDITING for grammar and typo's is the most important thing you can possibly do to try to ensure someone enjoys what you have written.

Once your book is written you can strive to create a theme for your webpages that reflect your book content.

For example, my eBooks are western frontier oriented, hence a western theme for my webpages.

I wish I could say that the website I have now looked like that in 2011, but it didn't.

I have come a long way and paid the $$$$ along the way to make it as nice as it can be.

If you start a website before your book is finished, no matter how many visitors come to that website, if they see no BOOK to buy, they will leave.

You want a visitor to see your book, a description of the content, an excerpt and an opportunity to buy.

I hope I have been helpful.



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