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"Your 'Truffles' are needed" , the editor said. "Tell your writer friends."

I've had a piece of short fiction accepted by 'The Chocolate Box' and now they want your delicious 'Truffles' to offer around. Chocolates, sweets, truffles, now read on and please write a little something to make yourself famous before April, issue 1 is launched. Read on...


A re-take on the concept of rejection, or maybe you did get published and all the rights are still with you?

Then why not put your published work to good use?

It is enough for anyone to cry knowing they can't help another human being. But for a writer not to help another? That doesn't sit easy.

Money? No. Writers write , and write, and in writing they help each other. And they get noticed along the way.

The worst scenario is knowing a fellow writer has a very malignant brain cancer. Funds for research are low as awareness comes first. But newer trial and treatments are about . All that is needed is a little help from writers.

Some group members thought writers might put the objectives of the charity in focus. Writers can then help them create 'The Chocolate Box,' an online publication filled with short fiction. The stuff to grab attention or the general-interest articles say on crafts, pets, gardening, auto tips or something plain funny to make anybody laugh.

How difficult is that to do? I mean if you are a writer you'll be up there scribbling away to come up with something delightful for others to read while drinking coffee.

A marathon number of adults have been diagnosed with brain cancer each year. Now all that is asked from any writer is to send in something for consideration. You might even be featured in this new online project to promote brain cancer awareness.

GBM4cure wants to change a lot of things associated with Gioblastoma. To find out go here:

It's a "mini-mag" featuring one article

twice a week. The article will be something informative or fun to read

or look at, something to glance at for 10 minutes while drinking cooffee.

The articles will be "Truffles." Like,

"Tuesday's Truffle is...Short Fiction", for example.

It is a way forward to offer something free to people, and then give them the message: Brain cancer awareness.

This project will not be a "go" until at least 30 good pieces aresubmitted. (Getting behind on the posting schedule isn't going to do

much to promote brain cancer awareness.) What is needed is something

entertaining, informative, and one to three pages long. If it's longer

then that's good. Editing help is no problem. Also welcome: Art. If you do any arts, crafts, photos, drawing,

stained glass…send us your pics; a “Truffle” can also be an image gallery.

To submit work, or for more information, please email GBM4thecure at

Important: Be sure to make the subject line

"SUBMISSION" and type it in ALL CAPS.

Sometimes Hotmail may pitch it anyway; try again if there is no reply within a week. Prose submissions may be attached as a Word or a PDF document. Please don't

send zip files...they can't open them. For photos, send about 14 at a time.

Thank you for reading.

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