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i am a beginner author...

i have self-published my first novel, the first book in a series, last October...

a few weeks ago, i have received an offer from a publisher who wants to make the book available in paper format... we're still negotiating, but given they offer a very good rate and they waived the cost of their publishing package, i am tempted to accept... the only obstacle is the duration of the contract... they want a five years deal, and it seems somewhat long to me...

anyone can comment on what would be a typical duration for such a contract ?

any tips welcome ! thanks !

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That is a pretty long length of time for a first time contract. What are they giving you? What are they expecting you to do in the way of marketing - appearances - writing more books?  Will you have any rights to your book?

Just a few questions to make sure you have answers to.

thanks for your input Stacy...

i must grant them exclusive publishing rights in book form (i.e. not including e-formats), for all territories, for the duration of the contract... no particular clauses regarding marketing on my part, nor any commitment regarding additional books... nor must i cede them any other rights...

in return, they offer me formatting (but no editing services) with drafts submittal and book proof, including cover design with drafts submittal (but we will use my cover), a number of personal copies, copyright registration and ISBN, official release and presentation on their website and in their networks, and a majority share of the profits...

as mentioned previously, this sounds like a good deal, apart for the duration... in the email accompanying the contract, their answer to my question regarding an eventual revocation procedure was that there was no such procedure, but they mentioned the possibility of a buy out, although without including an evaluation of the amount that would be required... i assume sales would be a factor in determining this...

also, i consider the fact that, knowing them from various social networks for an appreciable time, they seem to me praiseworthy, hard working people... so i would prefer using their services rather than POD services like CreateSpace for instance...

thanks again for your participation ! very much appreciated ! :o)

Chris - no problem - looks like you really have all the facts.  They sounds similar to Outskirts Press, Inc. - I used them for my first two books - but they did not hold me to a contract - I can walk whenever I want.   Best wishes on this!!!!

thanks again for your kindness Stacy !

wishing you much success, inspiration, and joy ! ☼




Two years might be normal with a cancellation period of the contract on both side (with one month's notice.

Do they supply a contract (form) and require you seek out a 'notary' or not as the case might be. A'notary will ensure your contract stands up well in any country in the world.

In the event of a sell out be wary. Will money owing to you be paid or written off by the new owner? Multiply that by the number of authors on the publishers books and it might be a lot of money. These things happen. Again and again.

But best wishes


thanks for sharing your perspective Cleveland !

yes, they do provide a contract, but didn't require a notary...

there are clauses in the contract in case of a sell out, or if the publisher is in default... i guess i'll have to reread them though... ;o)

best wishes to you too !

I have noticed while doing some research on publishers that a five year contract seams about normal they normally also specify if it's only the book that's written or if it includes any future ones in the series. Hope that helps and congratulations as well :-) 

thanks April ! :o)


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