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For those of you who blog and do interviews... Let's start a place where we can list our interviews here. That way people can learn more about us and other author's out there.


When you list the interview, put the author's name, book title (if there is a specific one) and link to where the interview takes place. 


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Interview with Kaira Rouda, "Here, Home, Hope" graced my blog earlier this month.


Kaira Rouda on Stacy's Blog

Amy Manemann visited me to talk about Deadly Reunion (which I might was a great book).


Amy Manemann on Stacy's Blog

I got to visit with author T.M. Souders while she interviewed me. 


An interview with me!

I interviewed Wendy Young on her book "Come the Shadows".


Wendy Young on Stacy's Blog

I talked with an author named Van Heerling about his book "Malaika" which means Angel by the way.


Interviewing Van Heerling on Stacy's Blog

Beth Elisa Harris was a pleasure to interview when she stopped by my blog about her book "Vision".


My Chat with Beth

Hello! My name is Janet Beasley. I am an epic fantasy author as well as a co-author for non-fiction books regarding live events and productions. I have a blog where there is a page dedicated to author interviews. Please feel free to visit and check it out. There are more pages than just the Interviews page, including Books-A-Palooza!, so be sure to hop around the blog and take a peek to discover more of my creativity. Here's the link to the Interviews: JLB Creatives: Interviews Thanks so much for stopping by.   

Janet Beasley is JLB Creatives

I love to share the feature of my books and me on:

I like that they used even the pictures I have taken from my country in the last two years, I like the questions :)))

Spotlight Interview with Jenny Twist - 5 books featured

Currently, I am scheduling Feature spots (mostly interviews and book promotions) on my blogs approximately 6 weeks to two months ahead. I schedule on a "first come-first serve" basis. If I elect to review your book you will need to provide me with a Kindle or PDF copy. Please DO NOT send unsolicited books.
Take a look at my blogs and if you would like to have your book featured just fill out a simple form found near the top of my sidebars.
Hope to see you. I love finding new-to-me authors and books!   :-)

Hello, I would like to invite all of you to my blog. Currently I have featured a Christmas story I wrote years ago, and looking back I must have had tired feet and a heavy heart. Its called A Joyous Mystery.

Please check out my web page too if you have a minute.  I have just put my first two books out as e-books through smashwords and  (Nightmares and Dreams and Tomorrow's Rain)

I love meeting everybody and reading your replies.

If anyone has a comment about A Joyous Mystery please let me know.




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