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I write because I love to tell stories. I've always wanted to share ideas and create people, places, and things that make me happy with the hopes that it will make others happy, too.

I write simply because I love to write. I write for my own amusement, and for the amusement of others. It's also therapeutic for me. 

I have to say I always write with my emotions. Last year I lost two people that where very close and this is what started my writing it was my way of channelling my emotions. Scenes started to come to life and when I was a bit more relaxed I read over what I had written and added to every major scene and a year later I have finished my first book.

It feels good to write, thats why I write. Also I remember writing a whole script when I was about seven.

I love to read and I wanted to write for others to enjoy as well. I write in a variety of genres; horror, sci-fi/fantasy, young adult, mystery/detective and romance to name a few. If I can reach just one person with my writing I will have done what I set out to do, even if in a small way.

You hit the nail right on the head, Mat. When I wrote my first draft to "The Prince's Crucible", I sent my protagonist on a quest and then threw obstacles at him. I then discovered he handled each and every one them as they sought to keep him from his goal. It was both fun and exhilarating to watch him transform as he went on the story quest. I still remember the joy I had in writing it and know that it will continue as I write my story. Well said. 

I find it exciting to imagine other worlds, to change destinies with just a few words.

Writing is a great pleasure. It also gives me a goal, a project on which to focus my mind when being idle.


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