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Who are the paranormal authors on here?  Please say hello.  Tell us a bit about what aspects of the paranormal you write about.  What made you write about the paranormal and what titles do you have in that genre.



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I'm a paranormal fan, but I like to smash genres. So my book is a paranormal urban fantasy with strong doses of science fiction and romance. It's about a werewolf locked in a bitter love triangle with a mage and a vampire, who falls for an amnesiac space alien. Problem is, folks think she's the serial killer terrorizing the city. Can our werewolf prove her innocence before she's executed for crimes she did not commit?

There's a sequel to this story I'm working on now, which is a bit more "science fiction-y" than the first book. To me, that's the joy about smashing genres--you never know which is going to pop up next.

Sounds fascinating Roxanne! Yes, that is all part of the fun, you never know who or what might appear in your books... I had the same surprise when I wrote my Redcliffe sequel Love Kills. Something 'popped up' unexpectedly one day while I was writing, and now said character is becoming stronger in the third manuscript. I love it!

well because i know that there is far more out there then the human eye can see, some of my UNFINNISHED work could be classified as paranormal, though it is mainly sci-fi. At the moment im working on a series that have the main characters traverse into parrallel dimensions (hopefully i wont abandon it).

Hello. My name is Gareth Jones and I'm a published writer whose wrote story's about ghost's/paranormal/spooky going ons whose interest in writing horror ranges from spooky, disturbing (if I'm honest but I'm not ashamed of my craft) and traditional 'monster' story's. 

My two books that are available to buy from my publishers, P.C. Publishers as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and downloadble as ebooks are called 'The Jeebies' and 'Creeping Horror'. I'am also currently working on my first novel, a ghost story in essence with some blood thrown in, currently titled in rough 'Dead Dreams.'

I wrote about ghost's because sometimes the spooky can be the shadows, unknown, tortured souls lost in limbo and something hidden in the shadows, unable to see properly but you know is still creeping closer.

Hope this answers and maybe a visit to my website or blog with a nice comment? My website has extracts from my two books currently out and published.  Covers supplied for interest. 



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