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 I am starting something new on my website and would like to hear from all of you . I am wanting to post Author Interviews and Book Reviews on my site and if any of you are going to have a book tour, or a local signing I would like to add those too .

To contact me go to

my website is

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Hello Latricia - 

I have a book review recently posted that you are welcome to use on your site:

I will begin my summer book signing tour for 2012 in about a month and will be happy to send you information on those as well (I'm touring the Pacific Coast this year).

Best to you and thank you for this!

Marti Melville

As part of my first Free Book promotion offer I have granted a rare interview to someone who has also kindly reviewed my first book.  To see the first part of the interview and the book review please go to  You will also find more information about the book and myself at

If you care to download my book tomorrow (Thursday 2 May) when it will be free I would appreciate a review. Please note as stated in the "What a Life" page of my blog I am aware of errors and a revised updated version is being worked upon, nevertheless a review of the book as a whole would be nice.  Should you also wish to conduct an on-line interview please contact me at and I will consider your request.  As you will also see there are reasons for not revelaing my identity.




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