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I recently wrote something for fun. I think it's 13 pages. I decided to put it on Amazon when It's finished being edited. It's called (Better Let Him Win Boy) I have my second book (Fair Exchange) in the editing stage. When it is ready, we'll release it to the publishers and or it may, too, go to Amazon for a trial run. I know I'm tired of searching for an agent, which is harder to sign with than a publisher. I had an agent once tell me 'go get a book deal and then call us.' Yeah right! Let me do your job! No thank you. The old ways are dying out. What do you guys think???

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Not only have the old ways died, but so have the methods of writing.  I tried getting an agent to no avail.  So I self published.  There are to many people who think there is money in writing, but when it comes down to it, there is no money in it.  The publishers want high dollars for your book, but if your book doesn't sell you are in the h***.

J.Darlene, I agree with you. My first book After The Fact was published by a small house and way over priced. I made a small amount. That said, now I can say I am a published author! Publishers like to see that. I have 28 poems published as well. I gave up finding an agent because they are only interested in their big money writers, which will eventually run dry. Times are changing. The writer doesn't need agents any longer. I'm beginning to think Publishers are also a thing of the past. (Frustration!!!) I would rather do things the old fashion way, but being turned down numerous time is difficult. I have sent out MS and have had them returned unread. Give me a break, if the publisher is to busy to look at new author, say so in the guidelines. I'm thinking about publishing in other methods on my next book. Darlene don't give up, keep writing.

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