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what was the most embarsessing thing that happened to you in high school?

lol, so, I'm almost finished my first year in high school, and just recently me and my friend decided to race, lol, here is the funny part, when we were racing, i tripped over my own feet and fell in front of a huge group of girls, it was really embarrassing, imagine racing and looking really cool by being ahead and then all of the sudden you trip and tumble across the floor like an idiot and stop in front of a group of the opposite sex, I swear i didn't open my mouth the whole day :D LMFAO but i want to know what kind of embarrassing stuff has happened to you, if you don't feel like telling it it's okay :D you don't know how hard it was to put that up there, i know its not that big, but it is too me :D so feel free to put it up, no one will judge you :D

thank you for your time :D

from fifteen year old halim 

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Oh and my most embarrassing thing in high school was....when I told my friend what happened at our homecoming dance, the next day during lunch, with our friend's ex-boyfriend's body reaction while we were dancing. She kinda screamed in the court yard; "HE GOT A B**ER!!I?? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!"

No lie, she laughs like that! I love it because its contagious but at that moment ugh I dont know how to explain it, and when everyone turned around! Ugh cause I wasn't know as a girl like that. And when I did like make out with people or did that kind of stuff I kept it on the down-low. Never spit your game!! Haha!!

I think the most embarrassing moment for me was when I was actually making fun imitatig a teacher to the entire class, and the teacher came right up behind be and started imitating my imitation. Didn't stop it, just kept going on until I felt something behind me. I thought the class was laughing with me, turns out they were laughing at me.

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