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Well, in 2013, I released "He Walks with Dragons"...the book explains the role of dragons on Earth as seen through the eyes of a dragonrider, Draig.  It was originally a stand alone, but soon became a 2014, I released "The Staff and the Orb" and continued from the first book.  In 2015, I released "The Crown and the Dragon" which picked up with Draig's great granddaughter, Belinda, the first female dragonrider.  in 2018, I released "The Dragon on the Hill" which began with Belinda's grandson, Looke.

In 2019, I released "The First Dragonslayer", a book I co-authored with my friend Johnny Gagne.  It's a coming of age story and also covers the subject of bullying.  We also make the reader the interior illustrator, so it's also a great book for aspiring artists...

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