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Hello ... I have been a huge part of the evolution of The First 30 Days to Serenity: The Essential Guide to Staying Sober written by Super Star.


We are starting to travel to conferences, shows, concerts where we will sell the book.   The shows have so far been small and managed by myself mostly.   I've transported books in the boxes they came in and that was a bit heavy.  Yesterday I put them in a suitcase that had wheels which was easier but still not the best way to transport. 


I thought about a dolly but right now I'm transporting in my car so I have limited space.


How do others transport books?  


Thanks so much!!



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Many hands make light work, Margi. Enlist a volunteer or two to tag along or meet you there to at least come and help you with setting it all up ie getting it all out the car. I used to go to trade shows too in my old job (loved that work!!) and know how much hard work it is running back and forward to the car carrying heavy stuff. Your arms soon get tired!


Ideally what you need is one of these lightweight folding dollies. The reviews of this one are great too:

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