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Hello and good evening, my fellow readers. 

Ive thought lately. as expected. lol

my mind grasped the theory of the seven deadly sins. 

shall i state them for you all? 

to refresh thy memories?



3. greed

4. wrath


6. Lust

7. sloth

there they are.. I know deep down every one has sinned before, or they shall once that moment comes. i want to know something.. hoping for you all to share.. 

sure. wouldnt you like to be innocent of all fatal evil deeds. 

but what if you had to choose one. one of all these sins to apply in? 

would you rather die and suffer the consequences of gluttony? of wrath? 

which sin would you admit your soul to?

if you must of course. lol

think carefully. for there are the consequences of that sin you must face once down in the depts of hell. 

shall i state that for you too?? yeeeeah why not right? 

1.ENVY=    Being drowned in freezing water for all eternity

2.Vanity=   Being broken limb for limb upon a medieval torture wheel

3. Gluttony=  Forced to consume Rats , frogs and snakes for your damnation

4. Lust=  to be smothered in fire

5. Wrath=   to be dismembered Alive

6. Greed=   to be boiled alive in oil (ouch!)

7. Sloth= to be thrown into a snakepit forevermore.

soooo  there they are. for your benefit. choose your demise  and your punishment. 

Please care to share your sin.  and i shall do the 7 heavenly virtues soon. just because i truly believe its impossible for me to say that the world is condemned of sinners.  

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hahaha yeah, its cute really, dont want to taint their masculanity, even at the weakest of sports. lol haha hurt his feelings at bowling! lol he needs to suck it up! 

Callie Leah said:
Haha you know it!!! The funnest part is when they act like they're better ;)
Haha, actually, I had to let my boyfriend win at bowling because he was so upset when I beat him!

Betty Damil said:
and we always will man! females have total control of a males skull. though they have control physically. lol

Callie Leah said:
Well, yeah, there is that advantage ;)

Betty Damil said:
hahaha, i understand completely but we do , always , mentally have the upper hand, do we not? lol

Callie Leah said:

That they are, that they are...

And from personal experience I would like to say that every now and then, being a 'sensitive little being' purely and truly and sucks...
Betty Damil said:

Im far from an angel. lol I sin. but not as much as a true devoted sinner would. 

vanity can resemble pride of any kind. Looks are the main. but its alright . lol every girl should have pride. not too much. but enough to feel perfected. girls are sensitive little beings. ;) 

Callie Leah said:

Ahh, I see, so you're just a little angel, aren't you? ;)

Haha, well of course you wouldn't be so attractive after that, but I honestly think vanity is the one thing I'll always worry about. To me, I don't necessarily care how I look, but it's always the fact that I'm worried about what other think of me. So even though I don't look attractive enough to be vain really, I'll always have vanity, and even if I chose another sin, that's the one I commit the most!

Betty Damil said:

my sin...hmm.. im not much of a sinner i soppose. lol I refuse to be lazy, I share so im not greedy at all, I dont care much for my looks or anything revolving within myself, I manage to control my anger, peacemaker i am. lol i dont overeat, hardley eat at all. thanks to coffee. and i dont envy. Im goth for petes sake. i dont care what people are privledged with. lol Im sure though everyone suffers with lust. god gave us hormones after all eh? lol haha vanity . well, its a painful wheel that ruptures every bone in the body, leaving you a "beautiful" crumpled heap of flesh upon the floor. you still wish for that ? lol 

Callie Leah said:

It scares me to think I've done all of those at one point!

However if I had to pick one, I'd pick vanity for two reasons.


1) You can still heal once you're broken

2) Vanity is the only one I can see that might benefit you! If you're so obsessed with your looks that at least you might look decent! (Not that it's worth having every bone broken)


Hey, thinking about it, what would your sin be, Betty?

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