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Why must an author pay seven to ten thousand to get a book published, and the publisher still wants eighty percent of the cover price? I think the American Publishers have gone nuts. I've been looking into Chinese Publishers. They still believe in Publishing a book, and paying the Authors instead of themselves. I was told by more than one American Publisher "if you name becomes well known, then give them another call". "Not in this life time". I think it is discussing what these "fly by night" Publishers are trying to pull. I'm not adding any names to the long, long, long list of the New American Publishers are not trying to get away with this. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed this?

Just thinking out loud. I hope Donald Trump wins the Presidency, he'll open up the possibility of have a different choices for publishing a novel, short story, or anything else.

Well, this has been my two cents...Have a wonderful day fellow writers.

Jeremy Stone

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It is absolutely true! nowadays this industry turned to be too commercialized! 

The publisher will promote you if you have money regardless whether you are a talented author or a mediocre writer ... every body are stuck on money 
shame on our system (

It's called greed!

Royalties for a first time author will be as small as possible and the rights they will omit in the fine print will be exploited.

They are NOT out to put money in your pocket.

If your book is well written and the grammar polished, success awaits us all through patience.

I've written a few (four) new novels since my last post.  My friends and family enjoy reading my Novels.  I enjoy writing, so I won't stop, but:  The public will never see a word, and I am happy with that.  Thanks for the comments folks, my god bless.  :)

Hi Jeremy:

I hear what you are saying. I too once felt that way. I know a gal who has written an awesome medieval castles book. It is so well written I look like a first grader writing what I write. But she has been polishing it for ten years and will never put it on the web.

That saddens me because her quality is worth a best seller, but it, like you is her choice.

Thank you for commenting.

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