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I have just finished book 6 of Samantha Jilllian Bayarr's series, Jacob'a Daughter.  In the fore-front of this book she lists all the Jacob's Series including the next 2, An Amish Harvest and An Amish Chirstmas Wish.  I can not find these books any where.  Can someone help me?

Mary Grace

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I looked at and saw the  book 'Jacob's Daughter' listed.

It is a new series to me. I saw somewhere that a book you might be looking for will be released later this year. Be patient, I guess.

Happy reading.

WOW!  Thanks.  So it might be that the author released names of those two books before they are even published...that would explain a lot.  I wonder why one can't find that information on her site???  TY again...I love mysteries but like to know where the answer is whern I get stumped.  LOL

Mary Grace

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