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So... after months of dreaming it, thinking it over, writing it, re-writing it, designing the cover, doing the video trailer, editing it, re-editing it, formatting it.... I finally have come to the end. The final formatting edits were sent to the publisher today - and is only the cover to give the final approval too.  Then it is off to printing! 


So as I sit back and think about the fact that I have finished my second book in a single year, I find myself filled with not only a sense of accomplishment but a sense of satisfaction.  You knows if these books will ever really make money, but the fact that in a couple week, I will be holding my second book in print amazes me.  Especially since it was just last October that the first thoughts of writing ever graced my mind. 


How do you all feel once you have completed your book?  You know that time after you know you finished the edits - and you are waiting for that final copy to make it to your hands?

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Congrats Stacy, it's wonderful knowing that you've put yourself out there and created something.

I'm very happy for you.  When you've finished with the cover designs, will you post a copy of it so that we can all have a look?

Ashely - I sure will.... Thank you for the congrats... I can't wait to hold it in my hands!  I actually am more excited about holding book 2 in my hands then I was with book 1.

I know exactly what you mean.  Feel like you can breathe easier and all that. 

Well, you're on your way now so keep on writing.

Mariah - Oh please do!! You can shout it form the rooftops here, and everyone will know exactly how you feel!

Mariah - It is funny - in my first book - those were my last two things to do too.  In my second book - those two things were my first to write.  The first book was dedicated to my family - that was easy - the second dedicated to my 3 best friends, mainly because they were introduced into the series in book 2.   


The way times flies - Sept 2012 will be here before you know it!!! I can't believe it is almost October!

I'm listening to Don Henley, Taking you home, and reading your post. It all seems to be working together. Stacy, I believe what we tell ourselves, come true. Yes it is a great accomplishment and yes they will make money!!! Believe in yourself and in your writing. I promise you, you are on your way and you will succeed. I have been beating the key board this week trying to find an agent. Trying to rewrite my query and trying...I love to hear from those who have jumped into the life we all want...
Rob - you are a very sweet person! 
Woo hoo! Congrats to you Stacy and also to you Mariah! Don't forget to add any book launch or signings to the Events calendar so we can all stay up to date. I'm excited for you both! :) I've never written a novel (too lazy, I admit it!) but have small pieces published in various collections. The next one I'm in I believe is out in October. I need to check as the original date was pushed back so I lost track of that. :)
Thank you Kay!  Yeah - I'm actually waiting to find out the actual day of release for Blue Blood for Life... It should be very soon!

Congrats, Stacy! Wow. Quite an accomplishment. :)

It feels wonderful to complete a project. I'm waiting on a release date and I've got to say - I'm delighted. :)


I'm very happy for you and wish you great success.

The satisfaction continues as Blue Blood for Life was officially published yesterday!  The kindle version is out and the paperbacks/hardcovers are on the way to me!  Somehow I feel more like an Author now that the second one has been published.  So wish me luck ... and bring on the sales!
Woot! Woot! :)

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