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Writing a novel has been a dream of mine for what seems like forever!  Recently I've finally had the opportunity to put in the time and effort to begin my first project.  I'm both excited and nervous and would appreciate any tips!!  I'm looking forward to sharing my writing and hearing any feedback and reviews!!  

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Thanks so much Cleveland!

Cleveland W. Gibson said:

write a novel

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Best wishes


award winner 2011

This is my first time in my life to dedicate so much time to writing. I've made serious sacrifices to do so, but like you, it is a dream that I want to fulfill before I leave this planet. I have learned this year not to obsess over my work. I'm at the point now that I dream writing and wake up to titles that I think in my sleep state are fantastic, only to doze off again and forget what I created. I decided recently to laugh at all of that, because there are as many ideas as there are raindrops and all I have to do is clear my mind from the daily drudgeries, take a deep breath, and write. It's a curse in many ways, but once I get this under control, I think my writing will get even better.
One more thing I'm learning as I type... don't take everyone's comments too seriously. You already know what is right or you wouldn't be writing in the first place. Oh, and until you're completely ready to publish, let only those you know want you to succeed read it. We know who those folks are, and so far, I have retrieved one of my 1st drafts from a friend who left it sitting on the coffee table. Truth is, I knew not to give it to her. I just felt like I would be leaving her out if I didn't. Now that's just stupid! Have fun learning. I am.


I'm a brand new writer. I'm currently working on a story. I currently have no idea how long it's likely to be. At the current pace, it's looking like a short story, but it has real potential to blow out into a novel. I'd love it if we could keep tabs on each others progress. That way, we can encourage each other. So far, I've only managed to write a couple of pages here or there before starting on something new, but this time, I'm really liking it and the direction it's going, so I'd like to try and make a go of it. 

I don't know what etiquette there is in regards to discussing an unfinished story, so I apologise to the professional writers out there if I make any faux pas, just let me know if it's rude to ask.

Andrea, feel free to say no, but I'm going to send a friend request anyway. 

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your friendship!  I would love the opportunity to have some encouragement along the path to finishing my novel.  Feel free to keep in touch.  I have reached the end of chapter 6 and finding the challenge is in translating those ideas into words on the page, but I think having a great idea is the best place to start.  Good luck to you with your writing.  I'm sure we'll both look back 5 years from now and think "Why were we ever so nervous?  We got this!!" 


I'm only about half way through chapter two. I've proof read chapter one and fixed up a couple of grammatical errors, but it's looking pretty good. It's perhaps a little shorter than I'd like, but I can pad it out later if I feel it needs it.

Writing a Novel- Tips and Tricks

1. Write a rough outline of the whole novel

2. Make a list of your Chapters-Interesting titles if you wish to spur your imagination

3. Create a list of situations and Characters

4. Write the outline of each chapter

5. Keep a notebook for new and interesting ideas to include in your novel later

6. Make the opening of your story and the first chapter as interesting as possible to get the attention of your readers.

7. Request for opinions on your first chapter after it is completed.

8. Keep writing and do not stop even when you feel like you want to.

Best Wishes for your first novel, Andrea :) May you receive an abundance of great and inspiring ideas to include in your novel and May the Law of Attraction work with you on this creative concept. Have a great writing weekend!


Thanks so much Warren!  I really appreciate it :)  Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

Yeah, I feel the same way.  I'm not sure my chapters are beginning and ending where they need to but like you said I can go back and review (or have professionally reviewed) later! 

Dave Ronnert said:

I'm only about half way through chapter two. I've proof read chapter one and fixed up a couple of grammatical errors, but it's looking pretty good. It's perhaps a little shorter than I'd like, but I can pad it out later if I feel it needs it.

I'm finding that each chapter, my hero's trying to solve a problem that happened in the previous chapter. When something else goes horribly wrong before he's finished, I change chapter again. Eventually, I'm gonna have to throw in a chapter when he actually catches up with things. I think it's called the ending.

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My name is Randall Pennington and I work for Destiny Image Publishers as a Acquisitions Agent and we are always looking for new talent. When you get your manuscript finished we may be interested in taking a look at it.  

God bless,

Randall L. Pennington II
Acquisitions Agent
Destiny Image Publishers Inc

167 Walnut Bottom Road
Shippensburg, Pa, 17257
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Proverbs 16:3  Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed  

I know the feeling and I think the best thing I can advise you on is to get a good editor.  I don't think it has to be a professional one, but an educated reader that can correct the basics.  The worst feeling is putting the cart before the horse.  In the exhileration of finishing a book, i think we miss a lot of mistakes that someone not so giddy will notice.  :)  I welcome reading some of your work.


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