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It was a bright morning day, I had just woken up,
Got off my bed, Took a sip from my cup.
Suddenly, Mommy and Daddy called my name,
Little did I know, Things would never be the same.

"Jayleen! Come here we have some fun news!"
Not sure what it was, I had seen no clues.
As I went to sit down, I saw them both smiling.
'What is going on?' I thought. 'What were they hiding?'

Mommy pulled out a picture, It was kind of small and blurry,
Couldn't be the puppy i wanted, Nothing about it was furry.
"We want to tell you, We love you so much."
Mommy then grabbed my hand, As i felt her warm touch.
Daddy nodded his head as a sign to advise,
It's time to reveal our big SURPRISE.

"You Will be a big sister, I want you to understand..."
She looked in my eyes, as i squeezed her warm hand.
"Does this mean i have to start sharing you, Mommy?"
"Yes my love, With the baby in my tummy."
I sat still for a little before i went on and smiled.
Then Thought some more, I won't be the only child.
We all hugged and smiled, to show our joy.
A new baby.. I wondered. Would it be a girl or boy?

Let me say, I was not ready for what was about to come,
It was now time for 'Jayleen', to be joined by plus one.
Time passed by, Mommy's Tummy started to grow,
It got so big, I thought she would blow.

Mommy's mood was changing too, once happy once sad,
I didnt understand why, so i went to ask my Dad.
"Why is Mommy so tired, and sad,
Is it something i did? I didnt do bad"

Daddy reached over, and gave me a hug,
He smiles and says with a cute little shrug.
"Don't worry Sweetheart, Mommy is not mad at you,
She's carrying a baby, and it could be heavy too.
She loves you so much, and as you can see,
When babies grow bigger they use her energy.
Mommy is trying to be the best she can be,
To be there for you, and be there for me.
She see's that you love her, and knows that you care,
Now, Get ready for dinner, and go brush your hair."

As I listened to Daddy explain what was wrong,
I realized how Mommy is so mighty strong.
She takes care of me, While of herself too,
I wish there was something, I can help her do.
'I still have time before dinner' I thought. 'I want to help her.'
I dashed for the crayons, and some white paper.

Right there where she left it, My Mommy So sweet,
She cleaned up my room, She must be so beat.
I drew up a picture, Of us Four in the park,
Then looked out my window, and saw it got dark.

I ran to my Mommy, who was cooking us dinner,
"Mommy! I drew you this picture, and made you look thinner"
Mommy was happy, She smiled and gave me a kiss.
Her smile was wide, Her kiss felt like bliss.
She hung the picture, up on our wall,
She took a step back, Breathed in and walked tall.
At that moment, I knew I did well,
Whats up Next you say? Only time can tell.

The next morning we woke up, Today we will see,
Who this baby, Will be born to be.
The Doctor was nice, He said everything looks good.
"He looks ready to come to this world, Just as he should"

I spilled with surprise, thats right I said HE.
This little boy is my brother to be.
We then chose a name, He will be called Jordan,
We were all happy, His name has been stored in.
Happy and all to see he is ready.
Time to prepare while i stay home and study.

9 Months flew by, it seemed like forever,
Mommy was ready 'Its now or never!'
I never thought, I could be a big sister,
From now on i had to help care for this mister.

They went to the hospital, and after 3 days,
Came home with my brother, bright eyes like a glaze.
He was small, and tiny, with wrinkly skin,
I could not help but wonder, what is about to begin.
As i stood thinking, what's coming now,
A loud crying scream, was heard over town.

Thats right babies cry, a lot may i add,
Daddy says "They do that, Wether happy or sad"
As you may know babies grow fast too,
They have stinky diapers, all full of poo.

He grew up so fast, his first birthday came,
He started to run, and play his mind game.
At first it was cute, I loved him so much,
But as he got bigger, I hated his touch.
He touched all my things, He made a big mess.
He spilled all his juice, on my favorite dress.
He knew all the ways to get some attention,
Always got his way, Did i forget to mention?

I started thinking outloud, by stomping and shouting,
It was my parents love, that i started doubting.
Before he was born, They had time for just me,
Now its about Jordan, What didnt they see?

Then came a time, Mommy sat me down,
Explained how they loved me, And never to frown.
I didnt believe it, I was still kind of mad,
Maybe upset, Didnt see what i had.
As i let out my cries, and all of my feelings,
My mommy did mention "We are all human beings"
"Im sorry you thought, that we didnt care,
All i was thinking was, what you would share.
You share all the love, and the bond that you'll make,
Its up to you to believe, and let in what you take."

Talks with my mommy have made me feel better,
They made me feel cuddled, like a warm winter sweater.
I put my jealousy aside, Just so i can see,
My parents will love me, If I am just me.

Jordan Cared for me too, He really did,
Althought he was a baby, I was also a kid.
Once i had stopped, And started to think,
The times they all proved, their love with a blink.
The way Jordan hugged me, When it was time for bed.
The I love you's Mommy whispered, As she kissed us on the head.
All those times Daddy's arms carried Me,
I should have seen then, What i now see.

I started to smile more often than lately.
Saw all the love i missed out on greatly.
They loved us both equally, i must go and say,
I didnt see it before, I was mad the whole day.
But as we grow older, I can now truley see,
I still love my brother, And i know he loves me.
Maybe i was under, Some jealous spell,
I know I love my family, And I am loved as well.

My brother is little only for so long,
I will be there for him, even if hes wrong.
Even if nights and days may seem gray,
Our parents still love us, Throughout everyday.
So if you ever, Feel sad or blue,
Just look up, And see whos caring for you.
Now when i think back of what is done,
There is a nice ring to Me Plus One.

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I like your work Paulina. Have you published yet? I can recommend a publishing company that can have this put onto Amazon. Linear-X Media published my book last year. They did great work on the design

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