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anyone interested in buying short stories please e-mail me at have any publishing info  feel free to e-mail it to to hear from other mystery writers.i have been writing for about 3 plus years,i have 9 novels i completed and over 200 short stories aswell.i belong to a writers'group in my area,i write mystery,poetry,plays and just finished an 8 part series which was a devils/demon type stories would like to see it produced as a independent movie or short series.i am currently working on 8 seperate short stories all mystery of course.i also was in a local movie made here by a pal of mine released in ct, on cable tv titled purgatory.i had a small part but enjoyed the challenge.the movie is available thru my friend at $5,00 each plus s/its' a thriler.not a bad flic.thanks for letting me join.i look forward to hearing from your place.any writers e-mail me love to hear from you like to read others materials as well.have a great weekend all./rich sattanni/author

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