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Hello everyone!!! How are ya'll haven't been on in a long time but its good to see the site has grown so much and with so much activity! Anyways off to the main point:

Those who have written a whole novel and even to those who are in process, when you write do you write in complete order from beginning to end or do you jump around? 



I've written short stories and stuff but never a long ones, but even in my short stories I have scenes jump in my mind that would would be so much further into the story. Of course I write them down and add them when they come to play, but I've met people say that they can't do that that, that they start from the beginning and keep going from there never jumping. I know there are plenty that do jump around but I want to know how you do it? How you react to those scenes when they come in to mind? Is like an explosion of yelling      " YES! YES!! THATS PERFECT!!! I MUST WRITE DOWN!!" Like an a wave of excitement. You all know what I mean, tell me about them! :D

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I normally outline it, get the basic story down in a notebook and then type it all in order. I've liked this method for a while, but after a recent podcast that I listened to, I've started writing specific scenes completely out of order for one of my next novel projects. Its been interesting and helped me to get a little more ahead on that project, but I find I don't feel as satisfied as when I'm writing from beginning to end. When you do a linear writing style, you discover things when your characters do, you get to see the pieces come together, which feels more satisfying than just piecing large chunks together like a seamstress.

That is true, when one writes from beginning to end you do get to discover your characters more evolve them and really go on the journey with them!! Ive tried outlining and I completely fail at it. I dont know why. -.-

I write in mixed order; depending upon my ideas I want the readers to grasp at the moment.  I've been an author since 2002 but my book, Nenny-an African Woman's Journey in Life, has been sold by my publisher and I have been buried.  The book has done quite well but I've been trying to surface and promote it, to no avail.  Now I have the opportunity to do just that because I'm also a publisher now.  I'm one book away from publishing my second book, Book II, of the above mentioned.  They are in a series of 13 books--all comprising of my autobiography about my life in Liberia and the United States.  The first one is being taught in schools all over the world.

I write in scene,some short,some long.

If I'm writing a novel I ignore chapter numbers.

What is important is the scene. People enter and people leave.

At each moment of entry/departure there ought to be something exciting for the reader.

Concentrate on that. It helps to clarify the mind.

Don't have the same character coming and going from a scene many time. That becomes confusing.

Try watching a film. Clock the exit and entry of characters. You'll understand what it is all about then.

Starting a story then be aware of 'backstory.' To fill the story/scene with pace and tension and sticking to the plot means removing the backstory and introducing it later. Try to inform the reader in a quieter moment.

Nenny when you wrote your autobiography did you find it difficult to keep the backstory off the pages simply because the reader knew nothing about where you were born, your family life, what your early childhood was, any trauma and that sort of detail.

I never jump around. What I do is take notes when I think of my characters as they grown into their part. I know what I want in the beginning and the end. I never do outlines much. It comes from my head and that's where my notes come in.  

With my last book - I wrote the first two chapters then wrote the last two. Then I went back and filled it all in. My first book I wrote, I wrote about half of it then the ending and went back to the middle.   I find that I need to get the first couple of chapters started, then finish the book - then go back and get from point A to point B. Works for me!

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