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I was thinking today about how big the internet is and the vastness of its reach. And then I pondered on how we all find our little corners of happiness on the web. is definitely one of mine! So tell me, how did you get here initially and discover our fab community? :D

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Hi CE,

Do a selective release, the first chapter as a kind of taster.


How are you monitoring 'hits' on your site? Is your site linked to others, how often do you release something (e.g. news) on your site?

How did you publish your e-book? Was it through an independent publisher or did you have a tech dude do the coding for you?


Is it Apple i-Book Store or Amazon Kindle? Or both?!


How are you marketing your book?

Sorry that's a lot of questions. Generally, if you are wanting people to pay for it, then don't release all of it on your website!


Kind Regards,



I did a search on google and decided to check out and see what it is all about. I am liking it out so far.
I did a search on google and decided to check out and see what it is all about. I am liking it  so far. In addition, I am working on a publishing engine that I think will help my fellow members with publishing their books and other written work and earn from it if they so choose.

C. E.


As for posting your whole book, just remember what parents have told their daughters for years, "why would they buy the cow, if they can get the milk for free?"...same with books.  Think of it as a movie trailer...give them something to peak their interest, to entice them to buy.


As for an editor...even books that have used an editor have errors in them.  That's usually how you can tell if a book is a first edition, by the errors, and where they are.  I'm doing a booksigning in december, and after that I will go back to my publisher to correct the errors my editor  missed.  In my pubisher's defense, these errors would not be caught with a spellchecker, because a spellchecker can only catch misspellings, not grammar errors.


As for promoting your book, is it just in e-book form?  And do you have a publisher?  I am "self-published" through a publisher, and while they don't tend to do alot for thier authors, they do get you listed in online bookstores on a "print on demand" , which means they dont have to stock your book, to sell it.  If you are just in e-book form, Amazon does have a program.  I am not sure what, if any, their fee is, but they do say you get a 70% royalty.  If you are only depending on a website to sell your book, you will need to do some serious promoting.  But then, unless you're a Bill O'Reilly or Ellen Degeneres, who have shows to promote their books on a daily basis, it's gonna be hard to get noticed.  People like us just can't give up.


If you are a total unknown, like myself, you're going to have a very difficult time promoting.  In my case, my website has been up since January; however, because of the expense of a merchant account, I decided against selling books on my website.  Instead I use it as a central source of information.  I include book reviews, interviews, anything that helps taunt customers into wanting my book, and then I send them elsewhere to buy it.  With all my promoting, which  has done miserably so far, i've only had about 290 visits, and almost none of them have resulted in a purchase.   Of coarse, my book is controversial, at best, so maybe i'm a special case.


I hope I've helped a little...



welcome Omar,


I am fairly new myself, but have already gotten some very good advice from others.  This is the best site I've found for valueable information.


Hello E.K.

We have talked before and I'm still following all the available venues. I'm still looking for someone to read and review my e-book listed on Smashwords.  It is called Nightmares and Dreams and is an easy read.  This was my first book and I wrote it in 2007. 



Hi Lyn,

I would love to review your book.  :-)



I remember subscribing to the previous manifestation of a few years ago. When I published my newest book, I investigated and found that they had metamorphosised into this wonderful site!

I'm a new author, in the process of establishing a presence online.  My publisher, Trestle Press, said that this site was a good one to get involved with.  It's a very, warm and welcoming site. Thanks!

I belong to a few writers groups on LinkedIn. One of the writers who started a discussion mentioned that it would be a good idea for authors to check out so here I am!

Steve Mekkelsen Madden said:

Hi Lyn,

I would love to review your book.  :-)



Lyn Miller Lacoursiere said: Thank you Steve;

Please e-mail me for a coupon  for Smashwords.   Lyn Miller Lacoursiere

Steve Mekkelsen Madden said:

Hi Lyn,

I would love to review your book.  :-)



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