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I've got to give it to the man wearing the red hood
With horns of deceit and lies poking about 
His fist stung as they struck the skin

However a heart pumped with love
And lined with peace
Is golden armor to a silver bullet 

As a whole we are sturdy as a mountain
While one may sway in the wind
Storms will inevitable blow inward 

Embrace truth and let it guide us to the light
As if stars of hope burned a h*** in evils darkness
Illuminating the sky in the shadows of evils reflection 

Flowers bloom beautifully in concrete soil
Forming a garden of invigorating redemption
With an aroma tantalizing the senses 
Tingling up through the spine directly into the mind

Projected outwards onto the world
Freedom is enlightening to those
Accustom to sharpened steel fences

A field of lucid dreams becomes reality
Breathing deep once again
Life pulsates in every inch of the soul 

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