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As always im in a rush 

so this shall be sweet and simple. this discussion is as it states,.

Describe yourself to me.

Not one word. But two.

Only two? You may be asking.

because One is To me Simply impossible. lol  

2 is enough to Put your brain beneath pressure.

and in this case, pressure is Good.

I shall write yet another discussion in the week to come. for now see ya.



And my 2 words.


 Sensually captivating.

Those who Disagree Shall PERISH!! lol 


sorry trying to control myself. 


C YA! 

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Passionately Romantic

I figure that's good, considering I'm a romance author. :-)

-Jessica Lupo

Creatively Influentual

Awesome challenge! (I meant the exercise but that applies to me too!)

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