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I am completing the sequel to my autobiographical trilogy. Since I am technologically challenged, as in not a computer nerd and barely computer literate,  CS has done all of the design work although I had my manuscript exactly as I wanted it, and designed my covers myself. The first book went well, although I was shocked at the small size of the font, later found out they had used a different font than the one I had requested. I then continued to publish the second book, planning to do a re edit on book I later for which there was a fee. At the time, I didn't know that they had used the wrong font. so book II was done differently, and also book III. There were continual formatting errors, changes in font, size, boldness, spacing etc, etc. They made all corrections. Time passed and I missed all kinds of deadlines in my promotional schedule. At first they were really kind and understanding, and then they became surly and uncommunicative. I used my experience in the legal field to prepare analysis and explanation trying to show them what was happening. They seem oblivious. Now they want me to pay extra for corrections to errors that they made while they were fixing the last bunch of errors. And they have custody of the books, so I am being held hostage. They have total control over my books that have to date cost nearly seven thousand dollars to produce. I am elderly and  a survivor of three bouts of cancer. Time is limited. I am so frustrated.  

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