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The other day my husband was out running errands. We have a pretty large book shop near us we had heard that they have a whole section devoted to "local authors". So he stopped in there. I came home and left a business card on my desk (I was at the job that pays the bills at the time) and came home to find a name and number of the woman I need to contact to talk to to do a book signing.


Those of you who have done them - what did you do when you went in to talk to them, What did you do when you did the signing? Any help you can give me on this would be great - and probably not just help me - but others out there. 


I also plan on hitting up the 4 Barnes and Nobles that are in my area. I do know that to get in there, they need to carry your book - at least on line - which they do.


Any tips - help or whatever is welcomed!

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Thanks Mariah - We will see what happens!

How exciting! Go for it, girl. :)


Catherine blogged here about her very first book signing just the other day. :)


Writers Weekly has an excellent article with tips on how to approach it plus some low cost giveaway ideas too.


I'll have a prowl through my bookmarks for more. I bookmark everything. Stay tuned! :)

Awesome Kay - Thank you!!!
Sweet Stacy, that's awesome! When I went in to talk with Paul at B & N I was straight forward and told him who I was, what I was wanting to do and how did I go about setting up a book signing. It seriously was that easy! He set things up, gave a brief run down of how their signings usually go and that was it. Pretty pain free. If I have my signing before your's I'll give you what pointers I can :0) XOXO
Thanks Amy - I like pointers!!!!
Goodluck for your signing Stacy, you're going to have a blast!

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