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Kindle recently announced their jumping into the serial market, which will provide episodic stories in an overall story arc, similar to an episode in a television series, with the episode being the serial, and the television series being the completed work. 

I've been listening to the Self-Publishing Podcast, and it sounds like they've been doing this a while, and that the e-reader platforms provide the perfect audience for this. 

I was curious about the stories and experiences negatively and positively that came from your attempts in this field.

I'm currently working on one with a friend of mine, we don't think that we'll submit it to Kindle's serials, as that's exclusive, but we will make it available on e-readers.


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As a reader, not an author.... if I'm hooked on the story and invested in the characters... I'm going to be looking for you to hurry up and get the next one out already! For example, I'm glad I was late to catch on to the Sookie Stackhouse series. I got to read all of them back to back. The most books I had read in a 2 month period of time. If I had to wait for the next read I'd have lost my mind. Create something special and the readers will come back! Repeatedly!

Great news! My first episode of my serial The Statement of Andrew Doran is now available for all e-readers. So far so good. A new episode every Sunday!

Woohoo! It's sunday! Here's the link to episode 2!

I currently have a serial on amazon...Zombie Hunting Bites and it will be free this Sunday and Monday.  I am hoping to have some luck:)

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