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Hi folks. My name is John Arlington Hardy. I am a retired police officer living in Tennessee. I moved here in 1986 but was born and raised in East Texas. I have one Novel out now on E-Book at Amazon. It is called  Chance Of Death. I am now writing the second book of that series called The Thickets. I am also working on a Heroic Fantasy Novel that will be called Enemies. I hope to get to know you all in time.

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Dang, am I the only member on here?

Hi John it is never easy writing a book, so my congratulations . I'm only passing through and saw your initial post. I'm sorry nobody bothered to comment on your work. It must be a sign of the times. But do keep on writing  because that way you will get better.

Best wishes and good luck


Yes Cleveland, I guess Face Book has about knocked off all the websites now. Thank you for you reply.

Hi John:

Thank you for joining

I hope this site will be a help to you and others along their writing journey.

A retired law enforcement officer must have a hundred book ideas tucked away in his memory.

An idea is a "seed" from which a book could grow.

Best wishes,


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