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Jesus i missed you all! So as i said i am back momentarily ;) Im in winter break as you can see. Gotta go back to school in a week i believe. 

horrible i know! sucks to face the ignorant stupid faces of teens once again. 

Anyway! So this is a game . For those who love to experiment with words right on the spot understand? I shall give you a list of ten TOTALLY RANDOM words. 

I want you to write something descriptive to somehow link all words together. k? 

Make your writing as long as it must be to link all words. 

This is grreat fun! i assure you! But only if You are a true english lover. ;)

Here are the words for you all


2. Laconic

3. Irascible

4. Aptitude

5. Chronic

6. Harrowing

7. Quaver

8. Gossomer

9. Giddy

10. Endure

Alrighty! there are the ten words. I shall write my descriptive writing for you all. So you know just what to do. ;) Remember find a creative way to connect all words together! 

hmmm...Here's Mine. 

My Father, the once charming courageous man i knew, no longer existed, the man became something of a physcopathic drunk. Im sorry to sound LACONIC, but im merely stating the main point, I was once a GIDDY , happy person. back as a Child before daddy got ahold of a beer. Happiness seemed to be a illusion now. There was so much to love about my father, at the start. His positive , noble attitude complimented his quick inspiring wit. But as the vodca and Jack Daniels found a way into his system, he became negative. Depressed, and utterly IRASCIBLE.

It was horrifying to watch his personality shift  then finally diminish , becoming something  close to a beast, always fuming, always hostile. He grew to a man I feared, It was with common sense, and sharp thinking that had aided me into avoiding him. I manage to stay away with great APTITUDE, especially  as his drinking never ceased, becoming horrifyingly CHRONIC

It was one HARROWING night that had traumatized me. It was an action not my own.  I dont recall what I uttered, But I had indeed said something. why else would he had rowred and ripped himself from his precious chair, to glare at me, clutching his intoxication with a mighty fist. My back instantly erected at my dad's instant reaction, the sickening features of a mad bull taking his face and causing my insides to nearly QUAVER. His snarled words I didn't understand.

His hostile gibberish, harsh and utterly thick.  His saliva flying in all directions. I tried to avoid any sort of conflict, to resolve it quickly by departing. 

It took a few steps for the beast to recongize the fact i was making a getaway.

With an enraged hand, He flung his halfbottle full of liquor at me. 

My father would have never have done it, But He resembled more of a beast than my daddy.

It impacted my skull with such frequency that my vision left me, pain exploded within my skull, and my crumpled body fell to a heap upon the blooded floor. The brutal intoxicating bottle but shards around me. The overwhelming scent of alchol burned my eyes and seized my tender senses. The pain, ever so powerful to ENDURE the wound upon my head, pounding in disarray., Stinging like madness from the toxic fluid, from the terrifying startlement of it all. 

My blood poured.

I struggled to gain composure. The room red and spinning, and I heard my father's footsteps coming closer.

Whimpering like the pathetic child i was, I cowered away, clutching my sticky head with trembaling fingers. Blood drenching them, and that horrified me.

The fragments of glass descended through the locks of my hair. 

My father held no pity.

he held no SYMPATHY for his bleeding child, He came at me.  Intent upon making me beg for mercy, cursing his insane rambalings.

Like a frightened mouse beneath a mighty lion.

I ran. Running and pulling myself up off the floor, woozy and close to unconscienous .

He cursed at me at the distance as I ripped open the front door, and ran out into the sweet abyss of the night. Finding sheltar in a bush who's  GOSSOMERS surrounded and welcomed me.

I lay there bleeding, weeping til the crack of dawn.

In which Daddy, fresh of a hangover would love me once again.

Ta da. lol NOw you guys try. Im too lazy to spell check and edit. so you guys dont have to either. write ! 

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Another poet! well done ;) Nice knowing you del huntsman!  feel free to write to any other of my discussions! 

i may put another up similar to this! ;) 

Del Huntsman said:

I opted for epigrammatic:

Sympathy is ne’r Laconic
when Irascible, deficient Aptitude
is Chronic,
Harrowing dolts!
They make hearts Quaver,
With empty thoughts,
thin as Gossamer,
yet Giddy fools Endure

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