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I am glad to be a part of this group and look forward to interacting with other authors in 2015.

I am working on my goals as an author for 2015 and would like to hear from other authors regarding their goals as authors.

Perhaps we will gain more motivation or a tip or an idea to help each of us have a more prosperous 2015.

My own goals are (at this time) to be able to increase my writing and publishing so that I release at least two books each month. With each book that I have published I look for interesting and sometimes cutting edge topics.

I also would like to increase my marketing on social media as it has been a solid source of traffic for my books.

I utilize several virtual assistants and in 2015 would like to refine my current strategies with each VA to better increase productivity.


Diana Loera, author of What I Did to Sell More Kindle Books on Amazon and numerous other books

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Twitter - @99CentsKindle

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