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Book written by April Floyd;
Six year old Unique.....

is a small little girl with a biological family that takes advantage of her unique situation of being mentally and physically disable. Her mom has a drug habit that's supported by prostitution. Her siblings are mean and cruel, making jokes about her limitations, and her disabilities. Her biological family continues feeding her the idea she could not and would not amount to anything. Her self-esteem has been damaged beyond repair or so she thought, until she met a recently moved in neighbor that takes her in and shows her all the unbelievable love, trust and respect a family supposed to show one another. She finds herself on a venture to a real life. After losing her best friend that came to be her adopted sister, Unique makes a promise only she could keep. As the rest of Uniques' life is bound by this promise; it unravels a series of life changing events for the entire family both paternal and adopted. This story is filled with exciting drama, taking you on an emotional roller coaster with its complex characters. Take this journey with Unique as she fights her way through the struggles, until she reaches success on an unbelievable scale and receive what she has always wanted a united family.

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