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Have you ever loved someone so much you cry when you think about how much you do? Not in a bad way, but as if your sad they'll never know how much you love them. In your relationship you'll find up and downs, but love eachother more and more through all of the pain, and hurt. I never thought I'd love someone the way I love him. He makes me smile at the sound of his voice. I love the sound of his laugh. His smile makes the stars look like there not shining. It's amazing what I feel for this person. He's done some hurtful, painful things, and even said things to me that still make me feel some type of way. But I love him through it all. He's the only that can make me happy after a long day for some reason. When calls me I pick up and I know its him. I smile SO big:) Just the way he talks to me makes me feel loved. He'll ask me about my day, and how I am... :) He says I love you every minuite...Though it dosnt get annoying at all. Some times I wonder if I'll be hurt again. Or if he can stick to his word. I feel like he won't...but I've felt that way before. He's my everything. I know I'm his no matter what people say. I dont have an explanation why we do the things we do. but I'm kinda glad we do. Becuase if I hadnt have gone through the things I went through. i wouldnt be this much in love with him...I worry about so many things. Like, When you go to collage I'll still be in High school! What if you find someone else...that you really like...I'm here...You and her..Are there. You might say. "That'll never happen" but dont know until it happens. I would do anything for you. Throw my head on a blade, jump infront of a trian for ya....You know I'd do ANYTHING for you...but would you do the same?♥

~♥T-Baby Swagger forever my love K.A.P♥~

K.A.P + K.C.T= A happy me && my happy baby

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