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Rites of Succession has finally seen the light of day!  I was expecting it to appear last year, but there were snags and in the end I had to go with a different publisher - but here we are at long last.  The Kindle version came out last week and the paperback will appear in September.  These will be followed by new editions of the first two volumes (The Politics of Illusion and Peace on Earth).  Thanks for waiting Jane McCaa fans and I hope you enjoy it.
It's been a horrible year in many ways, with family sorrows, disability stresses and worries with my charity work, but here's something good.  Having finally given in to getting a mobility scooter I have found it the most life-transforming (for the better) thing to have happened to me in years.  If anyone else is  hesitating to admit the need and give in - go for it.  You'll be amazed.  (All of the above may help explain the long silences on this page, I'm sure you understand.)

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